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Company profile

FILKOM is a Czech company, founded in 1992 by founders with long-term experience in filtration discipline.

The FILKOM company has grown rapidly a gained a leading role in both, the local and foreign markets too.

  • 1998 - ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, for both, production and development as well
  • 2000 - Business representation in Slovakia
  • 2006 - Food certificate issued by the State Health Institute
  • 2006 - GOST certificate
  • 2007 - Polyester filter efficiency certificate – Brno Engineering Test Institute
  • We present our products regularly at inland and world trade fairs
  • We intensively invest in modernisation of production technologies

Complete assortment is produced in our own factory buildings in Jedomělice.
The company headquarters are located in our own premises in Slany.

FILKOM elements are produced from modern and quality materials of local and foreign production and due to this show comparable quality with products of foreign suppliers.

In addition to the Czech and Slovak republics we deliver our products to Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Russia, India and other countries.

Basic data

Name: FILKOM, s.r.o.
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
Place of business: Jedomělice 144
273 78 Řisuty
Czech Republic
Company registration number: 45146110
VAT registration number: CZ45146110
Companies Register: Abstract of the Companies Register
Foundation year: 1992
Telephones: +420 312 520 763
+420 312 526 940
Fax: +420 312 521 128
Bank connection: GE Money Bank, a.s.
Account number: 176116891/0600
IBAN: CZ7606000000000176116891